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The Herzlich Flatliner is a floating attenuator module, giving you all the benefits of a passive attenuator with none of the space requirements - add attenuation to any patch, with no external power and zero HP sacrificed. Useful for modular as well as semi-modular systems!

The attenuator is useful for decreasing modulation signals, simple mixing duties, performance or even just extending a patch cable that falls a little too short of its goal. The Flatliner imparts no impact on the signal when fully open, and reduces the signal to nothing when completely closed - a true flatline.

Every Flatliner is built and tested by hand, and is designed to both be functional, easy to use and retain a small form factor.

Finally, the Flatliner is the perfect gift for the modular or semi-modular musician in your life - you truly never can have enough attenuators!

Herzlich Flatliner Attenuator DIY

₹3,200.00 Regular Price
₹3,040.00Sale Price
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