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When attempting to establish contact with distant galaxies, you may encounter low-level, weak signals. That’s where Capsule comes into play.


Capsule is a compact (1U) module designed to preamplify low-voltage input signals. It allows you to seamlessly integrate any external, low-level signal with your other eurorack modules, ensuring uniform sound levels. Capsule is a pure analog opamp-based amplifier renowned for its exceptionally low noise levels and minimal distortion.


With Capsule, you can enhance your signal sensitivity and bridge the gap to distant galaxies, all within your eurorack setup.

It works with +-12V 5mA and the width is 10HP.

Comes with eurorack power cable, user’s manual and M3 screws.

Hex Devices - Capsule (1U)

₹10,000.00 Regular Price
₹9,500.00Sale Price
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