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Unleash Your Sonic Creativity, Dive into the World of Modular Synthesis!  Join us on a mind-bending journey through wires, knobs, and circuits as we explore the art of crafting otherworldly sounds. Whether you're a music enthusiast or a budding sound wizard, this hands-on course will demystify the modular synthesizer and empower you to sculpt, shape, and warp sound like never before. Get ready to patch, tweak, and jam your way to sonic bliss in this electrifying adventure!

No Prior Knowledge Required:

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced musician, this course starts from the basics and ensures everyone can enjoy and benefit from the world of Modular Synthesis. You can join us with a clean slate, and we'll provide step-by-step guidance to help you delve into the fascinating realm of the Modular World.

None. Only a will to Learn. (A laptop will be useful)

Throughout the course, We'll utilise VCV Rack as an essential tool to enhance your learning experience and here's the best part VCV Rack is absolutely free to use. You can embark on this premium sonic adventure without any financial constraints. It is a powerful virtual modular synthesizer that will allow you to practice and experiment with modular synthesis concepts in a virtual environment. You'll build a strong foundation that seamlessly translates to physical modular synthesizers, making your learning journey both effective and versatile.


Module 1 : Foundations of Modular Synthesis


 -Introduction to Modular Synthesis: Explore the history, significance, and basic principles of modular synthesis.


-Signal Flow and Voltage Control: Understand how voltage-controlled signals flow through modular systems, shaping sound.


- Basic Modules: VCOs, VCFs, VCAs : Dive into Voltage-Controlled Oscillators, Filters, and Amplifiers, the fundamental building blocks of modular synthesis.


-Patch Cable Essentials: Master the art of connecting and routing signals using patch cables effectively.


- Hands-On Patching: Creating Simple Tones: Put your knowledge to practice by crafting your first modular synth patches.



Module 2: Sound Generation and Manipulation


- Waveform Shaping with VCOs: Explore waveform manipulation techniques and precise tuning of oscillators.


- Frequency Modulation (FM) Synthesis: Discover the complexities and creative possibilities of FM synthesis.


- Sound Design with Filters: Dive into the world of Voltage-Controlled Filters (VCFs) and how they sculpt sonic textures.


- Envelopes and VCAs: Understand Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers (VCAs) and envelope generators for dynamic sound shaping.


-Envelope Modulation: Apply envelope modulation to create expressive and evolving patches.



Module 3 : Advanced Sound Design Techniques


-Advanced Oscillator Techniques: Delve deeper into Voltage-Controlled Oscillators, exploring modulation and sound design intricacies.


- Advanced Filter Modulation: Experiment with creative filter modulation techniques to add depth to your patches.


- Creative Sound Design and Complex Patches: Combine your knowledge to craft complex and unique sonic landscapes.


- LFOs and Modulation Sources: Understand the role of Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) and modulation sources in sound design.


- Modulation Matrix, Routing and Experimentation: Learn to route and experiment with modulation sources to achieve intricate soundscapes.



Module 4: Sequencing and Integration


- Sequencing Basics: Introduction to sequencers and the principles of step sequencing.


- Quantization and Musicality: Explore how quantization ensures your sequences adhere to musical scales.


- Advanced Sequencing Techniques: Push your sequencing skills further by incorporating polyrhythms and more intricate sequences


- MIDI and CV Integration: Connect your modular system with external MIDI equipment for expanded sonic possibilities.


- Live Performance and Recording Tips: Learn essential tips and techniques for performing live and recording your modular Eurorack 



Module 5: Effects and Signal Processing


- Effects Modules: Explore various effects modules such as reverb, delay, and chorus, and their applications in sound design.


- Mixing and Signal Routing: Learn the art of mixing and routing within your modular setup to achieve balanced and complex sounds.


- Signal Processing and Manipulation: Dive into signal processing techniques, including filter effects, wave shaping, and spectral manipulation.


- Creating Spatial Effects: Explore the creation of spatial effects and stereo processing to add depth and dimension to your soundscapes.


- Soundscaping with Modular Synthesis: Experiment with Soundscaping, using your modular synth to create immersive sonic environments.



Module 6 : Advanced Patch Design 


- Efficient Patching Strategies: Develop efficient patching strategies and optimize signal flow for complex modular setups.


- Polyphony and Multiple Voices: Explore techniques for creating polyphonic sounds and managing multiple voices within your modular system.


- Experimental Techniques: Push the boundaries with chaotic patches and experimental soundscapes.



Module 7 : Creative Sound Sculpting 


- Exploring Advanced Sound Effects: Delve into more advanced sound effects modules like granular synthesis, waveshapers, and spectral processors.


- Modular Synthesis in Composition: Learn how to record and integrate modular synthesis into music composition and create complete pieces.


- Sound Manipulation Workshop: Collaborate with peers on a group sound manipulation project, focusing on sonic experimentation.



Module 8 : Final Days and Synthesis Showcase


- Final Rack Planning: Devote the day to planning your rack using Modular Grid.


- Building Your Final Patch: Dedicate time to creating and refining your final modular synthesis patch.


- Graduation: Celebrate your journey through the modular synthesis course with a Certification and a graduation ceremony.





Modular Moon International Certification : FREE Access to all the Modular Moon Branches across the globe.

Exclusive Student Showcase : Exceptional students with musical styles that align with our event requirements have the exclusive opportunity to perform and showcase their talent. This Platform offers a chance to shine in front of an audience.


Discounted access to Exclusive Workshops : Unlock a world of possibilities with exclusive access to workshops led by renowned artists at discounted rates. 


COURSE DURATION : 6 Weeks (40+hours)
BATCH SIZE : 3-5 Students max.


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