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Honestly, being a DJ means living the high life, it is all about music and the energy. You're the heartbeat of the party. 
We guarantee It’ll be a wild ride packed with exciting hands-on learning on Industry Level Pioneer DJ equipments and epic performances. Enroll today, and unlock the door to a world of electrifying music and endless opportunities. Let's kickstart your journey!

Our DJ school is open to everyone, regardless of prior knowledge or experience. Whether you're a complete novice or have never touched DJ equipment before, our program is designed to teach you from the ground up. We provide an inclusive and accessible learning environment where beginners are encouraged to start their DJing journey with confidence.

Module 01: DJ Fundamentals


Foundations of DJing

  • Rhythmic Mastery, Beats and Bars: Uncover the fundamental rhythms that drive music and discover how to count beats and bars accurately.

  • Genre Exploration: Journey through diverse music genres, decoding their unique characteristics and expressions.

  • Music Appreciation and Connection: Develop the ability to interpret and convey the emotional essence of music.

  • The Art of Listening: Cultivate the skill of critical listening to refine your sound.

  • The Science of Sound: Explore the basics of scientific underpinnings of sound production.

Console Setup Techniques

  • Precision Setup: Master the art of setting up your DJ console in detail, Learn the step-by-step process of setting up your console for seamless performances.

  • Wiring and Connectivity: Gain extended expertise in cable management, connections, and routing to ensure a clean setup.

  • Microphone : Elevate your microphone handling skills and etiquette.

  • Sound System Insights: Navigate the complexities of sound systems and routing for pristine audio.


Module 02: The Path to Professional DJing


Professional DJ Basics

  • CD Player Introduction: Familiarise yourself with CD player technology.

  • In-depth with CDJ’s : Unlock the full potential of cutting-edge CDJ technology for digital DJing.

  • Seamless Beat Matching: Master the art of beat matching for smooth transitions between songs.

  • Cues and Hot-Cues : Essential markers in DJing that enable instant navigation to specific points in tracks.

  • Mixing Mastery: Craft flawless blends and mix tracks seamlessly.Beat Tracking: Develop the ability to identify and synchronise with the rhythm of a track.

  • The Art of Selection: Hone your track selection skills to curate captivating sets.

  • Music Management : Music Management with Pioneer Rekordbox.


Intermediate DJing Techniques

  • Set Construction: Learn the art of crafting narrative-driven DJ sets that tell a musical story.

  • Creative Effects: Elevate your mixes with imaginative audio effects, explore DJ effects to add depth and creativity to your mixes.

  • Harmonic Mixing: Craft harmonically rich mixes for seamless transitions.

  • Stabs and Chops: Add dynamic flair with advanced techniques.

  • Sampling and Looping: Explore the creative possibilities of sampling and looping for dynamic performances.


Advanced DJing Proficiency

  • Masterful Mixing Techniques: Elevate your mixing skills to an advanced level.

  • Seamless Transitions: Perfect the art of transitioning between tracks to an advanced level.

  • Collaborative DJing: Thrive in back-to-back performances with fellow DJs.


 Marketing Savvy

  • Personal Branding: Develop a unique DJ identity with a memorable name, logo, and style that sets you apart.

  • Online Presence: Maintain active social media profiles and a professional website to showcase your skills and engage your audience.

  • Networking: Build relationships within the music industry to access opportunities and collaborations.

  • Promotional Materials: Create press kits, press releases, and media content to effectively present your DJ persona.



Module 03: Digital DJ Mastery


Digital DJ Setup

  • Savvy Digital Configuration: Seamlessly transition into the digital realm with confidence.

  • Sound Card and Laptop Linkage: Understand essential digital connections.

  • MIDI Unveiled: Explore the role of MIDI technology in modern DJ setups, take control of your digital setup with MIDI-based devices.



Introduction to Blending Ableton Live (or any DAW) into a Live Performance 

  • Effortlessly incorporating production DAW techniques, such as live looping and effects manipulation, into your DJ sets and live performances for an enhanced and interactive musical experience.



Essential Digital Techniques

  • Software Mixing: Harness the power of DJ software for versatile mixing.

  • Mastery of RekordBox and Traktor DJ: Become proficient in industry-standard DJ software platforms.

  • MIDI Devices and Controller Integration: Incorporate MIDI devices into your digital setup.

  • Synergy of CD Players and Digital DJing: Merge traditional CD players with digital DJing for expanded possibilities.





Modular Moon International Certification : FREE Access to all the Modular Moon Branches across the globe.

Exclusive Student Showcase : Exceptional students with musical styles that align with our event requirements have the exclusive opportunity to perform and showcase their talent. This Platform offers a chance to shine in front of an audience.

Free Practice Sessions : We provide free studio access/practice sessions for students until a limited time after completion of the course.


COURSE DURATION : 8 Weeks (50+hours) and FREE Practice Sessions Post Completion.
BATCH SIZE : 3-5 Students max.
COURSE FEE : 39,999/- (excl. tax) 


COURSE DURATION : 8 Weeks (50+hours) and FREE Practice Sessions Post Completion.
COURSE FEE : 49,999/- (excl. tax) 

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